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Tooth Colored Fillings

Are you one of those who think that the only solution to cavities is metal fillings that look so ugly? Well, now metal fillings, also known as amalgam, have been replaced by natural-tooth-colored fillings that make your smile beautiful. Tooth colored fillings are the latest in cosmetic dentistry. The use of composites for tooth colored filling in place of amalgam is a safer and better solution. Also, tooth-colored fillings are long lasting as they are bonded onto your teeth.

Dr. Judy A. Walker’s tooth colored fillings provides you with a refreshing smile. Tooth colored fillings procedure is done in just one visit. The procedure is simple and painless.

Tooth colored fillings are ideal for:

  • Cavity Restorations: Tooth decay (cavities) will not get better without treatment. Decay progresses and if left untreated can cause the patient pain and increase the cost of treatment if a root canal is required. We use composite material (tooth colored) to restore the tooth after the decay has been removed. Composite has long been acceptance as the standard of care for front teeth and in the last 20 years the back teeth as well. Tooth colored fillings can enhance the patient’s smile greatly.
  • Silver-free smile: Get rid of those ugly amalgam fillings with more attractive and safer tooth-colored fillings. Go home with a beautiful silver-free smile.
  • Aesthetic look: Tooth colored fillings look very natural. By replacing broken or discolored fillings in the front teeth, a patient can enjoy a more confident smile!

Tooth colored fillings last for many years, depending on the following factors:

  • Daily maintenance and cleaning of teeth.
  • Smaller fillings last for a longer time than larger ones.
  • The area or the tooth which is filled.

Know more about composite tooth colored filling – Composite fillings are a better alternative to the traditional, ugly looking metal fillings. Metal fillings were more obvious and had the tendency to blacken over time, but this is not the case with composite fillings for they are more durable, strong, attractive, and natural looking. With a composite filling, a dentist can make a more conservative repair of the tooth where the composites are held in a cavity. If the chewing load is high, the composite fillings will wear but less so than metal fillings.

  • They provide a natural tooth color making the teeth look better.
  • They can last for about six to twelve years.
  • They are hardly affected by hot and cold items.
  • Drilling is not required as much of the tooth structure as was with metal fillings.

Dr. Judy Walker is an eminent Greensboro NC dentist. She has expertise in the field of NC restorative dentistry and NC preventive dentistry. The efficient and experienced team at her practice will give you an attractive smile with best tooth colored fillings. Fix your appointment with Dr. Judy Walker today!