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Partials and Dentures

Many of us don’t go in for replacement of missing teeth because we are afraid of visiting a dentist. At Dr. Judy Walker’s dental practice, we help you revive your confident and charming smile with our partial or complete dentures.

With recent advancements using dentures have become more comfortable. Along with comfort we make sure that the dentures look absolutely natural. At Dr. Judy Walker, we offer:

  • Complete Dentures:Dr. Walker can make a patient a complete set of upper and lower dentures if desired. It takes 5-6 appointments and after the delivery of the denture, additional adjustment appointments may be necessary to make the patient feel completely comfortable.
  • Partial Dentures: We provide partial denture to fill the gap caused by some of the missing teeth. These dentures keep all the teeth aligned and save them from further decay or infections in the gums.
  • Custom-fitted Dentures: We also make custom dentures that suit your face structure and enhance you personality and smile. All the process is discussed with the patient along with the size and shape measurements beforehand.

By having your dentures made at Dr. Walker’s office you will experience:

  • High Quality Material: We are experts in making perfect dentures and use good quality material which makes the dentures durable. Your denture will give a pearl shine to your smile.
  • Comfortable Dentures: The first thing that we care for is your comfort level while using the dentures. We shape your dentures so perfectly that you forget that you are wearing dentures.
  • Expert Dental Lab: Dr. Walker only uses high quality dental laboratories and high quality materials to ensure an excellent fit.
  • Natural looking Dentures: Our goal is that every patient will enjoy a natural looking, custom smile that fits their lifestyle and personality.
  • Counseling: Our counseling experts will discuss all your dental problems and advise suitably. All the fears and phobias regarding the dentures are sorted out to make you feel comfortable and relaxed.
  • Pre and Post Fitting Tips: Worried about getting used to a denture? We also provide you tips on how to take care of your denture and how to avoid any infections. The patients are also taught how to put on and take off the denture with care along with many more useful tips.

You will leave our practice with satisfaction in your heart and smile on your face. Make your appointment with Dr. Judy Walker today!