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  • All Porcelain Veneers: Porcelain veneers are a great choice for teeth restoration. It is a part of “cosmetic dentistry” and is used to correct both color and shape problems, close spaces between teeth and set right uneven, chipped or cracked teeth. At Dr. Judy Walker's dental practice, you get a range of veneer treatments that give you nothing less than a perfect smile ready to impress.
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  • Crowns and Bridges: If you have a decayed, damaged or a missing tooth, crowns and bridges can restore them allowing you to smile confidently like before. A crown is used to restore one tooth while a bridge is used to replace multiple missing teeth. At Judy Walker’s dental services, we ensure the natural appearance of your teeth after crown or bridge treatment.
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  • Dental Cleanings and Examinations: Dental cleanings play a key role in good oral health apart from a daily dental cleaning routine. The professional cleaning of the teeth at www.judywalkerdds.com involves a sophisticated and technological process equipped with personal care and comfort. Come to Judy Walker dental practice for dental cleanings and periodic examinations that will help you smile with confidence.
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  • Dental Services: No more terrible experiences during dental treatment for you anymore. Judy Walker dental services are a trusted name in providing premium dental facilities in a comfortable setting. Come and experience for yourself the latest and state of the art technology that is made use of in a home like milieu to offer best dental treatment.
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  • Digital X-rays: Digital x-rays have made diagnosis of dental problems and treatment easy and quick. At Judy Walker, we bring for you the technique of digital x-rays that is less time consuming and convenient in comparison to traditional x-rays. Also, digital x-rays involve almost 90% less radiation than film type x-rays.
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  • Partials and Dentures: Many of us don’t go in for replacement of missing teeth because we are afraid of visiting a dentist. At Dr. Judy Walker’s dental practice, we help you revive your confident and charming smile with our partial or complete dentures. Along with comfort we make sure that the dentures look absolutely natural.
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  • Tooth Colored Fillings: Metal fillings also known as amalgam are replaced by natural tooth colored fillings that makes your smile beautiful. The use of composites for tooth colored filling in place of amalgam is a safer and better solution. Dr. Judy A. Walker’s tooth colored fillings provides you with a refreshing smile. Tooth colored fillings procedure is done in just one visit.
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  • Restorative Dentistry Services by Top North Carolina Dentist: Dr. Judy Walker and a treatment plan will be given to the patient based on the urgency of treatment and available appointments. Find out more about the various restorative dentistry options by browsing through www.judywalkerdds.com.
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  • NC Preventive Dentistry Treatment By Judy Walker D.D.S: Dr. Judy Walker has immense experience in the field of dental care and her efficient staff makes sure that all the patients are cared for in most comfortable way. Find out more about the NC preventive dentistry treatment services offered by Dr. Judy Walker DDS by browsing through our site www.judywalkerdds.com.
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  • Excellent Restorative Dentist in North Carolina: At Dr. Judy Walker dental services you can get the best of dental services with personal attention to each patient and excellent care for all NC restorative dentistry services. Find out more about the various dental services provided by Dr. Judy Walker by browsing through www.judywalkerdds.com.
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